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118 Colin Jones Blackjack Apprentice | TickedPodcast
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The Craziest Gambling Stories You've Ever Heard | Weekly Slots News
codys blackjack gambler

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Best Blackjack Podcasts (2020)
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The Craziest Gambling Stories You've Ever Heard | Weekly Slots News
From amazing strokes of online luck to casino robberies, to fortunes lost, these ten gambling stories may make you think about how you need to play your game.
The online gambling experience seemed unbeatable, and is still one of the most surprising gambling stories, because click at this page its Ponzi scheme type design.
However, this player outsmarted the system, including human and bot players by observing purchase times, clogging the blockchain, and getting a key when player activity was low.
Take the private keys; drain everything.
I watched their behavior.
Tiger Woods Comeback Bet Sports betting has its share of gambling stories, especially with Golf, as many games are played with bets on wins.
The fact that this was going to be his first major in front of his kids, I was convinced he would win.
Micheal Jordan Touted as one of the best basketball players of all time, Micheal Jordan has a documented reputation with crazy gambling stories.
His habit was so intense that it is rumored that his exit from the game in 1993 was not due to his voluntary retirement.
Jordan bet on everything.
For example, the time while with his Please click for source teammates at a Portland airport, he made a bet that his luggage would come out first, which it did!
However, his teammates did not know that he cheated by paying airport staff to load his luggage first.
Pastor Robbing A pastor in Las Vegas, Gregory Bolusan, was arrested in 2017 for robbing the M Resort Casino in Henderson, Nevada three times!
Though not directly related to placing bets, this still goes down in the hall of fame of wild gambling stories.
This is straight-up gambling with life!
According tothe first attempt happened when Bolusan, in a white 2010 Toyota Camry with covered plates, demanded money holding a gun and backpack.
When the employee at M Resort ran off, Bolusan walked away empty-handed.
Bolusan returned about read article month later, with the same car, wearing the same clothes and parked in the same spot.
The police revealed that he was a pastor at Grace Bible Church in Las Codys blackjack gambler />Also, they said his gun was fake!
Bolusan was charged with felony charges, including robbery and burglary.
Gambling for Robbery Kerry Johnson faced bank robbery charges in West Virginia in 2016, after police said he was gambling at a blackjack table.
According to reports, he left to rob a bank and came back to the casino to continue playing.
According toJohnson was arrested in Nitro, W.
The complaint filed in Kanawha County Magistrate Gratis multijugador, W.
Johnson then went to the bank and demanded cash after telling an employee that he had a bomb and a weapon on hand.
Upon receiving the money, he fled in a green Mazda Miata.
He then returned to Mardi Gras and continued gambling.
After detectives put out this on Twitter, Johnson was identified, but during questioning he denied the accusation, stating that he was gambling at the Mardi Gras from 10 am to about 4.
When police, in turn, searched his home, they found a wad of cash stuffed into a couch.
Upon further investigation into one of the most bizarre gambling stories, Nitro detectives discovered some camera footage.
It proved that Johnson left the casino at the time of the robbery, which was around 3.
This video proof led to his arrest.
In February of 2018, Cody was at the top of his game at the U.
Poker Championship at Dusk Till Dawn casino in Nottingham, England.
As you can expect, the story went viral on social networks!
The 29-year-old teacher from Asbury Park, NJ, would usually bet in small amounts, from pennies to 10-cents on the several tournament games, with selections that all have to add up to be correct to win.
According to the ESPN article, after Maselli and his girlfriend Leah DiNardo spent time walking along the Jersey shore, they discussed their choices for the round-of-32 games on tap.
With only 14 cents left in his DraftKings online account, Macelli placed a parlay with odds that were 10,000 to 1.
Michigan State, Florida State, Baylor, and Purdue all came through for Maselli.
Auburn-Kansas would decide the parlay, and he needed the Tigers -1.
Maselli was ecstatic when he received a congratulatory email from DraftKings at 12:45 am the following morning.
As far as gambling stories go, this one has a romantic twist… Maselli plans on putting the money in a ring fund for when he proposes to his girlfriend.
I had my back to her.
He was stunned to see a royal straight flush of diamonds when the dealer laid out the cards.
This hand was 1 in over 20 million odds.
It was an even sweeter win as far as codys blackjack gambler stories go because his wife was declared cancer-free a day before.
She went through several surgeries and treatments for liver cancer, while also dealing with colon cancer for years.
This was the first time this bet hit at Borgata and experts at wizardofodds.
Not all gambling stories are about source wins: for many, gambling is an addiction.
This man from Australia, however, blamed his prescription medication for his lavish spending.
He then placed a bid, asking for his money back.
According to an article inhe stated in his complaint to the commission that he had doubled his prescription drug use over the weekend that he lost the money to Ladbrokes while horse betting.
The company then checked in on him with a phone call.
Major Online Roulette Loss Online betting has its share of crazy gambling stories and losses.
In an ITV interview with the British sitcom actor Ross Kemp, Alex, the 35-year-old U.
Alex told Ross that he has had to exclude himself by living off the grid and is trying to recover from addiction.
I would class myself as an addict if I were clean thirty years down the line — still class myself as an addict.
Some of these stories may come as a surprise to you, but there are many more interesting stories out there.
Hopefully, these stories give you some perspective on what to do and what not to do in regards to codys blackjack gambler />It is essential to treat gambling as a casual form of entertainment and bet only what you think you can lose.
If gambling excites you, set budgets and enjoy it as an activity.
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For more information, visit our page as well.
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Want to double your money gambling?. Just ask Jake Cody, one of the top professional poker players on the planet.. The classic casino card game, blackjack incorporates skill and strategy to separate winners from losers.

Super Bowl 51: Betting on More Than the Spread — The [email protected]
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Jake Cody Talks About His $60,000 Roulette Spin
Blackjack Tournament Magic May 5th 2018

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UK poker player Jake Cody enjoyed a seriously risky roulette adventurer in. Jake Cody's roulette adventures at the Dusk Till Dawn Casino in Nottingham,. Gambler Sues Caesars Windsor for Losses, Claims Casino Should Have. Guide · iPhone · Android · Gambling Guide · Slots · Roulette · Blackjack.

Super Bowl 51: Betting on More Than the Spread — The [email protected]
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Professional Gambler Status
Top 10 Gambling Myths in Casinos

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Filing taxes in the USA as a professional gambler: Discussion. Booper702. I have been pulled over by the police many times in my life and blackjack career, and seem to have mastered the art of not even.. Colin M. Cody, CPA. When you ...

The Craziest Gambling Stories You've Ever Heard | Weekly Slots News
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Super Bowl 51: Betting on More Than the Spread — The [email protected]
Jake codys blackjack gambler now revealed what codys blackjack gambler him place such a reckless bet with what was his biggest live tourney win in 3.
The pro has never been known as a particularly big gambler off the poker tables so it came as something of a surprise to say the least when video footage taken on a cellphone emerged of Cody at a roulette table surrounded by spectators with his High Roller trophy sitting on black.
The spin was set in motion by casino owner and high stakes poker player Rob Yong.
When the ball landed squarely in 22 black the room erupted and Cody had doubled his winnings in one fell swoop.
People codys blackjack gambler know me, know I play a bit here table games — blackjack, a bit of craps — but I'm not some wild gambler.
In general, I want to gamble with an edge.
I want to play poker, codys blackjack gambler some sportsbetting friends I'll follow if I think there's a good bet with an edge.
This started a chinese whisper whereby codys blackjack gambler people, hearing about the "bet" second hand assumed it had been agreed in principle.
After a few people had come up to Cody asking him about the bet he eventually announced that if he won codys blackjack gambler tournament then he would do it - so the odds of the bet having to be played out were still pretty small.
As we all know, however, after a four-way deal was struck,and felt obliged to go through with the absurd bet, announcing, "OK, I guess I'm not backing down now".
As you can see in the footage below, once the ball finished its click here it just plopped please click for source into 22 black and stayed there.
As Cody told Pokernews, "It was insane.
It just landed on black perfectly, too.
It just stopped dead, it looked a codys blackjack gambler bit rigged actually.
I thought it would be a good story.
In Cody's words; "The fact I won and it gained so much social media attention too, it honestly couldn't have codys blackjack gambler out too much better" To post blackjack casino odds you need to or your free HighstakesDB account.
Comments No comments have been posted yet.
With this service you can see your favorite players' online poker results, replay the big hands or even follow live coverage from ongoing high stakes poker games.
The results database include a majority of all high stakes poker games played, all the way back to January 2007.

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Between December and April, a gambler named Don Johnson, playing single blackjack hands of up to $100000, reportedly walked away from ...

Best Blackjack Podcasts (2020)
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Gambling arcades with blackjack poker etc. - CodyCross Answers Cheats and Solutions
Blackjack Betting Tips With A REAL DEALER! - Diamond Casino Odds - GTA 5 Online

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Colin is a professional blackjack card counter, an occupation he landed on after. If casinos are beating gamblers for 1 million dollars a day, can this team beat ...

Jake Cody Talks About His $60,000 Roulette Spin
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Professional Gambler Status
He provides training, resources, and a community for card counters through his online program, Blackjack Apprenticeship — teaching others to think like an investor, not a gambler, and that blackjack, unlike every other casino game, is a strategy where past events actually impact future outcomes.
Live your life transformational, not transactional, and look forward to future outcomes with hard work.
The freedom to pursue the more important things in life and spending a more efficient amount of time making money.
Aligning his time, energy, and resources to his values and what he believes is worth pursuing in life.
If casinos are beating gamblers for 1 million dollars a day, can this team beat the casinos for a thousand dollars a day?
As a family, they support many causes to stop child trafficking, and instilling other missionary work ideas as part of their family mantra.
Expecting that the great will win out.
It's what separates gamblers from investors.
He wrote the book he wanted to write, and then approached the one publisher through which he wanted to publish.
Obviously this mindset is rampant in casinos, causing people to make horrible decisions that affect their lives.
But the same kind of thinking causes poor decision making in business, personal finance, and more.
So I'm been over here in the pink again.
I mean starting with the origin story - I mean at what point at what point in your life do the you stand up and say you know what Mom "I'm going to count cards and that's well my dears here's the here's the trick you go out and count cards and then you tell your mom later see I like this.
Card counting is like a mix between chess and Extreme Couponing.
That makes me tick.
Welcome to another episode of The Ticked podcast.
You got Ben here, and Curtis.
And today we're interviewing a gentleman named Colin Jones.
Now Colin is a member of the Holy Roller Blackjack Club in the queue.
We call it that he was featured on a documentary film called holy rollers, but he counts cars and blackjack he does and he's created a course.
A little nervous to even open it.
I was like what prince in Egypt wants my money?
It's a good moment.
But I am excited to today Ben to listen to a little bit more of the how and why Colin does what he does.
That's from a perspective but I'm curious to hear how that has enriched his life or or helps has helped in other ways.
Yeah my biggest question going into this is how do you make a living off of this?
Living in fear of being shot at any minute sure.
I have a very slated stigma with card counting and what media has portrayed.
So I've got a lot of questions for him around just why he does what he does.
Let's get started so call and thanks so much for joining us on the ticket podcast today.
Thanks so much for having me when you first reached out to us.
My first question was was how is this?
How is this the thing how is professional card counting a thing?
I want to ask you to right off the bat.
Well, that's kind of to question how it's a thing.
Oh, yeah, it's a good cause that car.
So Blackjack is the only game in the casino where past events actually impact future events.
So most of gambling is based on the fallacy that past events impact the future.
Oh, I just threw a 7 so I'm not going to ask the same with roulette of like oh well red is hot or black is hot or you know, hey Red's been hitting their for black is do and all of that's not true because it's all independent events.
Dealt again until they Shuffle.
So it actually does that the previous hand of blackjack does impact the future in the sense that once cards are removed.
His name is dr.
Ed Thorpe a very brilliant mathematician said hey, what's going to happen if these kinds of cards have already been dealt and that was the premise that led him down the road of figuring out card counting how that ties into my story is that.
Check out this book.
I'm reading it was a book called professional Blackjack at bible camp you have so enjoyed before so so in between Genesis and exodus.
Yeah, he was he was like kind of in the poker and codys blackjack gambler that you know, let him to a bookstore where he's looking at, you know poker books and then he sees sees one that talks a little bit about card counting and and let him down that Rabbit Trail and he told me about it loaned me the book and and I thought hey I'm a math guy.
That's a follow-up question to all of this is what was that conversation?
Like with your with your parents.
Well, they were missionaries that makes it all the more even better or did they or they overseeing the Bible?
No, no, they were in Guatemala.
They built a feeding Center in Guatemala.
But after enough time, they saw that you know, I was under control the mob wasn't going to you know, bury me in a shallow grave and they came around what are the legal ramifications or the legal loopholes in which your you're navigating pursuing this passion and this professional the same time.
Okay, so, you know, it's what we're go here is perfectly legal.
This is this is why I tell people I tell people card counting is like a mix between chess and Extreme Couponing.
So it's I have friends that really reside with that extreme couponing side.
No, I've I have a friend and she's you know, you got to her house and she's got pantries full of.
You know toothpaste and you know cereal and whatever that she got basically for free those chlorides life is yeah exactly multipack.
Hey that stuff adds up.
So so it's you know, it's like chess and that it's a game of strategy and skill that can be mastered but it's like Extreme Couponing in that it's kind of based on this loophole that casinos when they created Blackjack they weren't thinking about how the previous cards are going to impact remaining cards before they Shuffle they just you know had a game that had a built-in Advantage not realizing that people could kind of use it against them.
Well, you know 99.
So we're not doing anything illegal, but, you know a grocery store could say to my friend.
Hey, you're taking so many Clorox wipes from us forgive costs that we're just gonna have to say no more no more coupons for you in the same way a casino can say Colin, you know, no more Blackjack for you and that happens.
How like the process of how this works do you go in with a team?
Are you a one-man band walk me through day or maybe a night at work.
I mean would just walk me through a regular day.
Well, yeah 99% of what I've done is so low.
Yeah, I might be a part of a team, but it's more for the camaraderie and pooling resources.
That's just not you know, that's kind of in in the movies, but it's not really all that necessary or sufficient.
So so how it works is, you know, go to the casino play Blackjack until I either feel like going home or until they tell me they don't want me playing there anymore.
Yeah, it definitely can be which is why you know, I've primarily played a part of teams because when I got into it I told you a buddy like loan me a book and and I pursued it but I had so many questions and it was it's like I just want someone else to talk to about it.
You know and it was only for him to so yeah pretty quickly.
Maybe two months in it's like hey, let's just throw our money together and do this together.
And that was you know, I've always preferred that to be in it with someone else nowadays, you know with the internet most of the professional card counters.
I just do my thing and it really doesn't get too.
But at the end of the day, I might want to text someone and and just you know be able to get it off my chest what however it went good or bad.
They just come over and say actually you cost too much get out of the building or how does how does that go?
I don't know a hundred hours before the first time.
I was asked Jesus not play Blackjack anymore.
So it because I was getting very small amounts.
It wasn't it could have been a couple hundred hours.
The first time it happened.
It was very validating.
Yeah, you're like, yeah boy.
No, I was I was pumped it was it was really fun.
I remember, you know being all you know feeling really justify, you know, I said hey, You've made it to play here.
Yeah, and I still asked him for if I could get a comp to meal and I remember sitting there eating a comp to breakfast on the casinos dime and you know complaining to the to the guy that brought me my bacon and eggs saying they won't let me play I guess I'm just too good or whatever and but it's it's generally.
You know, I'd say 90% of the time they just say, mr.
Jones We've evaluated your play and you're too good for us.
You're welcome to play anything else but no more Blackjack, but there are the times where you know, they're they're not as friendly about it and I've been cussed out.
It's kind of ridiculous, but.
A lot of it casinos.
They just do that to intimidate Churchill for counters.
I think they just take it so personally and so yeah, they try to intimidate intimidate card counters, but I know I'm not you know, I think my personality I don't mind kind of doing things that people don't like if I feel like it's I'm not doing anything unethical and I mean if anything I love taken by a casinos.
So question that I have is his his this passion of yours ever conflicted with the personal moral of yours.
No, I yeah, I have some regrets with how I've done it.
So I got asked man.
I don't know maybe five years ago.
But wow, they said they said hey, well, you know when you speak of this thing at a first sight I was like no way and then and then.
Talking to someone and he was like, well, you could you know, say you want to talk about whatever you want to talk about.
But one of the things is that I wanted to really kind of persona fi card counters to you know to casinos sure give up and and and it doing that I you know kind of publicly apologize to them for for, you know, not seeing Casino employees as people.
Means to an end and so, you know, I really changed that.
I don't know 10 years ago.
Where when I'm in a casino.
Yeah, I want to take their money.
But the dealer The Pit Bosses like I want to treat them with respect and dignity and kindness, you know, if they if they say they don't want me to play that's fine.
I don't, you know, throw a fit or anything, but I want to treat.
You know, I would just say in the same way at a grocery store.
I want to treat people with respect.
I want to do that in my professional life and there's one time very early on where.
We were basically the codys blackjack gambler screwed up and they gave us something worth thousands of dollars that they didn't mean to it.
Gave me more than codys blackjack gambler meant to and ask for it back.
I would give it back.
And so that was something you know, I felt but you know, honestly that was before card counting.
I used to work at Red Robin and I would like give my friends free drinks and you know, so what I what waiter hasn't done that.
You know, I like calculated.
The free strawberry lemonade from Red Robin and I said, hey, can I can I pay this back and she's like no you don't need to do that.
It's not free free stuff.
So those are a couple regrets.
Hmm interesting the Lemonade's are bottomless though.
If I recall it possibly 250R begin with sharp.
Yeah, you got paid for that first one.
Yeah, I like one of the things that you mentioned in your form that makes you tick and that's alignment aligning every aspect of your life time with your goals.
And it sounds like through this journey.
It feels like you're kind of moving more and more toward this place of alignment.
Can you speak to us a little bit about what it is about alignment that makes you tick, you know, I think a lot of people they hear that would you know, I beaten casinos for money and it's like well isn't that greedy and you know, the money was never the thing the thing was like the freedom to pursue.
You know the idea that I could spend rather than you know eight hours a day at a job.
I couldn't stay and I could spend a couple hours in a casino and get the same amount of money and then spend that time on something that seemed more important to me.
So similarly, you know my goal with I've got a wife I got six kids.
With what I believe in and what I want out of life and I don't just want that for myself.
Like that's what really excites me.
My goal isn't because now I spend much more time teaching other people how to count cards.
My goal is to see people use it for something meaningful, you know, whether that's spending time with people they love whether it's you know, serving others or giving back or spending.
You know investing in the future or whatever it is that they're passionate about that's those are the things that I care much more about than any sort of Finance Financial or personal success.
There's there's some definite correlation in Crossover with what you just shared.
They that we taught how to play whose love all of this.
So there's actually a documentary called Holy Rollers the true story of card counting Christians.
Yeah about this team that we ran and it that team won a little over three million dollars, but.
It was you know friends of ours and ourselves and we definitely waved the banner of David versus Goliath, you know, usually knows are the big bad Goliath and where the little man they've got the you know, a lot of the casinos in Las Vegas are making a million dollars a day and we're going in there saying hey, can we, you know beat them.
Can we beat them for a thousand dollars a day, you know and.
And you know when you get to understand how casinos operate you know, you definitely see them as the you know yourself codys blackjack gambler the Robin Hood.
You know not just taking from the rich but you know, it's Robin Hood was stealing from the rich.
Come beat us and we're saying, okay.
We'll come beat you yeah, and we're doing it, you know, so it's a little bit we're not stealing we're playing the game they offer fairly with our brains, but but definitely, you know, it's not just it's not stealing its not from the rich.
People a loop, you know when you see their marketing and when you hear the stories of what they do to keep people that are compulsive gamblers coming back, you know, there's stories of casinos.
Taking people's entire inheritance and continuing to fly them out to get them to keep gambling and then suing them after the people are bankrupt saying hey, you gambled we loaned you money after you lost everything you had you lost the money we loaned you.
What things do you do with your time now Colin?
I'm as the with the time that you've earned outside of teaching others six kids.
And yeah, well done great work, but where where have you reallocated that time for for alignment or other reasons?
Well, yeah, definitely, you know, like I think my kids are a part of the future and I want it.
I want to see the world be positively impact.
That was a timer to have my third grader do her math flashcards.
I'll start the first step the first counting cards.
You know, I think I have a direct impact.
On the character and you know the belief system of my kids and I want to see them have a positive impact.
So we do fundraising and and something that's you know, we care about and we're trying we're trying to do.
So we've been to Guatemala as a family and we've been to India as a family and we're going to try to go to Mexico this this next year as a family and and just, you know be on the ground trying to love people trying to help meet their needs and you know serve because we have so much, you know, we want to love and serve people that don't have all the resources.
Yeah talk to me a little bit about teaching and you kind of killed this up a little bit and that you're not so much on the frontlines of counting cards anymore.
You're kind of helping to teach.
But then also there's this there's a side of teaching your kids and getting your third grader to do our math flashcards.
How long have you been doing it?
And why is it something that fuels you?
Yeah, well, my dad was a teacher and.
You know, he would get he would get cards from students or former students.
That would it could be 15 or 20 years later and he would get a card that says, you know, mr.
Studied math in college not for any good reason other than I didn't have to read books or write papers.
So it was a good tip good fit for me, but actually graduated there.
It was like I did take two extra classes to get a teacher's credential and you know, I substitute taught a little bit and was like, yeah this isn't for me but then within two years I'm running a blackjack team that my primary responsibility was teaching other people how to do it and and I realized I loved it like I really enjoyed.
So whether it I got that, you know through my dad or whatever.
I enjoy the process of explaining something and seeing someone have success with it is just super rewarding and definitely enjoy, you know, imparting knowledge or or wisdom or life if you know valuable life lessons on my kids.
How what does practice look like?
How do you like?
Can you give us a 10,000 foot overview of how you teach someone to count cards?
Is it just repetitious.
Is it about how to how do you do that?
Well, yeah, it's definitely repetitious.
You know, the first thing I like to do is give people the Paradigm Shift of How It's very we think very differently than a gambler.
It's like people are very bad at pattern recognition and make things up.
So it involves some deconstruction and teaching people to think like an investor rather than gambler, but then it's a lot of repetition.
There's there's basically a way to play that you have to master its kind of a chart and that takes, you know will say 20 to 40 hours to just get you know mindlessly perfect at it and then the next step is learning how to count cards and that might take another, you know, 40 hours to get mindlessly perfect.
And so it's not for the faint of heart but 200 hours that you know, that's nothing compared to like getting a college degree or something like that.
I've got a question to kind of go back a little bit in time.
You mentioned thinking more like an investor and less like a gambler.
What do you for those of us in the room who don't understand like me.
Yeah, well, there's a mathematical principle called expected value and you know, everything is based on that and that's the same in investing in other ways.
And so, you know, let's say we flip a coin.
This one was heads there for the next one is more likely to be Tails.
However, if you flip a coin infinite times, you're going to end up with 50 percent heads 50% tails and so we make our decisions based on the expectation not based on what happened the last time.
I mean people that try to oh, yeah, that's a stock Churchill Downs.
Yeah or even on the stock market, you know, like the there are tons of people that think they can beat stocks and they're and they're not they have negative expected value, but they think they're going to guess it right, you know, so so we as cars we've calculated our.
None of those things affect our expectation and we follow we follow that we trust we trust the map has this idea of expected value has it made you.
Yeah in a sense.
I mean, I think that you could look at a lot of decisions in life in terms of you know, what's what's the expectation of this decision and you can look back, you know, you could make a decision and it works out poorly.
It just didn't work out a fact that we call it variance, you know, it's not actually like you're an unlucky person but you know, you could make a business decision that six out of 10 times it would work out and so it was the right decision to make but four out of 10 times.
I want to make every decision calculate thinking hey is this gonna have a positive impact on my relationship with my kids on their character in on who I'm teaching them to become.
As you've done that Colin are there are there moments in your life where you catch yourself in The Gambler mindset and not an expected return.
You know it in that sense car cane is a lot easier because there's a chart that tells you exactly how to play and there's a card blackjack setup system that tells you exactly how to Batten all that stuff life doesn't have that but there are you know, I want to make decisions thinking about hey, what is the impact of this rather?
Yeah professionally for you.
You live blackjack table minimums running the black jacket Prentiss ship.
Can you tell us a little bit about how long that's been going?
Yeah, it actually has been going on for a long time.
We started it at the height of the Blackjack team that we're running.
I don't exactly know why I think there was always this sense of we don't want to be running around beating casinos forever.
And so we had started other internet businesses.
Put our training behind a pay wall online and people might be interested in paying for it.
And we got a little bit lucky that that some people were interested in it and it's developed a lot it started out as just a simple video course and kind of a members forum and over the last.
Hmm as you're rolling out the Blackjack apprenticeship.
First of all, I was surprised to hear that.
It's been going for like 11 years is that when is that?
When the Holy Rollers contact you to be in the documentary are at what point did those two kind of things interact?
And I you know, I don't know it wasn't my idea to start Blackjack apprenticeship.
It was two other guys.
It was the guy that I got in the car cane with and then other guy that's really smart entrepreneurial friend and it was like Hey, what if what if we tried this and and we knew that 21 the movie was coming out so it's sort of like, hey, can we get this website up and running before the movie comes out because there's going to be a lot of people hmm you with questions online and yeah, we kind of road that way for a little.
No, it's it's I mean, yeah, it's going to be out any any week now.
But yeah, that was I don't know just something I thought about for a long time writing a book and and I finally had a friend that said hey, you know, why don't you do this?
I'll help and he's a very strong writer and editor and so I felt like hey, I've got this.
That was the only publisher.
I figured if they didn't want it.
But but they they were excited about it.
And so I can't believe you know, the guys that put out some of the books that got me going with card counting are now going to be publishing my book.
Yes, check this out is a kind of a instructional book a how to does it offer some of the same things as you do in your course or what's the angle of the book?
Well my friends advice was he said Colin write the book you want click write and I didn't many want to write Memoirs.
Yeah, it definitely click the following article it made a lot easier to do.
I just kind of outlined you know, what are the things I like talking about or instructing or whatever and then I try to fill it with as many of my best stories as possible.
So it's not a memoir but if there's a story I have that can help lead towards instruction, you know, I would I would use it.
You don't need something that has every little detail people are already going to be searching on Google and YouTube about card counting if they're interested, but there's a lot click to see more misinformation online.
I can trust the the advice in this book and hopefully be inspired and I put interviews with about 12 of 12 good friends of mine that have all had a lot of success with this just so it breaks.
Breaks up the content and inspires people a bit codys blackjack gambler just says what this looks like how to do it effectively and there's like Blackjack books from over the years, but the game has changed and the way we approach it has changed.
What would you say is like your current alumni or your network or the people that you've kind of been in contact with through this course?
Yeah, so I mean, like I said, there's a pretty strong community on our website and we also do these live.
But the these kind of live seminars in in Vegas and you know, there's about 20 trainees that show up for for, you know, Hands-On.
But the really cool thing is there's always a half-dozen to even a dozen, you know former students that now come to just to help out they'll come in they'll help with the dealing sessions.
They'll give advice and it's been really really cool.
I didn't expect that part when we started the business, but you know, these people have also become very good friends and I care deeply for them and and I could tell that they care deeply for the community.
And for myself and as you see this community come together, what does that do for you?
We are like, oh look at all my students like graduating or whatever.
You mentioned that seeing people succeed something in your professional life.
That's really kind of help.
So is it is it these face-to-face events that does that or kind of explain that a little bit for us?
I mean, I don't know if I have a proud dad moment.
I kind of just feel lucky to even be a part of it.
But yeah, seeing these people having success at you know, this thing that I stumbled into, you know, 15 years ago.
It's a yeah, it's really exciting and I.
Even learning from them they're finding new, you know new techniques or new ways to you know, get the edge over the casino.
I feel really honored to be able to kind of provide Community because like I said, it's a cool group of people there.
They're like math nerd enough that I can relate to them.
But they're also you know just good a lot of really good caring people that like taking the casinos money.
It's evident in the way you speak about others that by contrast from from an objectivity for anyone who was inside of a casino to the way that.
You care and are concerned with with the success of others now just even generally outside of this circle professionally that that you have a.
Well, you have a consistent and thorough investment in others that that's that that's a central piece of who you are talk about the rewards that you feel from that investment or from the how is it in Rich to your own life putting the success of others before your own?
Yeah, I don't know.
I want to do this to me saying whoa.
You probably shouldn't get into this.
And the best thing you could do is, you know, like stay out of casinos, you know, if that's if that's going to be the most, you know, impactful thing for the person.
That's what I'm going to say.
But but for any of the people that have been through our training like I want them to be better off.
You know, it's really just a tool a resource it can it can destroy a life as easily as it can further a life.
So, you know, I want I don't want to see people come through and make a bunch of money become.
I want people to come through and find alignment with their lives and what their goals and when that happens is I just feel a responsibility to you know, give whatever I can give to the people and and I definitely benefit personally running the business, but I benefit even more so relationally https://pink-stuf.com/blackjack/devils-blackjack-online.html running the business.
Giving giving what I can but I also receive just a ton from from from this group of people.
One thing that I will say that surprised me from this conversation is.
In full transparency this may or may not make it onto the final edit.
But when we first got the email I thought it was like a spam email and I was nervous.
I don't know how comfortable I feel going kind of diving into this right and then Curtis and I Tasha are like let's let's do this.
Like it'd be really fun to meet him and interview with him and and it's been really enlightening for me.
I think you've changed kind of my perceptions a little bit on on.
What I would happily inquest.
Yeah exactly very much a rebel Quest but you've given it some different light for me in my eyes.
Yeah, I mean so as I've had to explain it a million times over the last 15 years, you know, sometimes sometimes I'll just start a conversation off and say.
Three things one is perfectly legal to you know, you're not going to get pistol-whipped in the bowels of the casino.
Yeah, and then three, you don't have to be a genius.
I'm not that smart.
You know, it's just learning a system and I feel like saying those three things kind of seems to answer the three biggest misconceptions like that.
It's know you're like would be eating.
It's not illegal to go in there and play the game they offer, you know, and and then yeah, none of us are the MIT guys are were legitimate Geniuses.
But you know feeding the game really is about having the discipline to.
Skills and then just just use it.
I'm curious calling just as you say that where else is that discipline visible in your life boy.
I don't know I mean.
But I think that I think a lot of people you interview would say the most valuable things.
They've done have not been easy.
You know, I think meaningful things rarely are easy and there's everybody in a casino is trying to get rich quickly.
And it just doesn't work.
How many scams are there out there that are people just trying to get rich quick and trying to you know, find a shortcut.
Well card counting is in the shortcut one of my friends the way he puts that I think is really brilliant.
He says it's a hard way to make easy money.
It's in a lot of people burn out from being car cars because it's not easy.
It's not easy money.
So I think it's just you know reinforce what I think we all know, which is that meaningful things are rarely easy Mmm Yeah, I don't ask that question.
I think the idea of going to do service work.
I mean I have been in in Guatemala and India and neither of those countries are easy to navigate socially or legally to get work done that is good work takes a lot of effort and time to put that to put that on the table.
It is to your thoughts around where else those patterns of behavior have have made their way in your thoughts were great.
Yeah, Colin what's down the road for you?
You mentioned something that professionally makes you take as mastering new skills.
Are you just improving upon your current ability?
What's down the road with six kids?
Outplay and casinos much these days.
Yeah, but through running Blackjack apprenticeship.
There's no shortage of new skills.
You know, I've been able to learn from you know, search engine optimization to growing an effective YouTube channel to product development, you know, managing developers and all that stuff, which is a lot less sexy than you know going into a casino like James Bond and and taking their money, but to me, it's all rewarding learning that new skill.
So sometimes I get.
You know go to a conference and teach people codys blackjack gambler I learned about growing a you know, growing website traffic or conversions or things like that that are pretty also nerdy like card counting, but maybe maybe even more so call him before we wrap up.
Well, I was thinking, you know, one of the things you guys brought up a few minutes ago.
It made me think about my buddy Drew.
He and his wife played our Blackjack team and then he went on to be really successful in the business world and and he said he learned somewhere, you know, you up blackjack house edge do things in a way that's transactional or you can do things that are transformational and you know, Card counting is really a pre transactional thing, but it's the relationships that can be transformational.
Odds are you're in some sort of workplace?
And you know, do you want to do it just to know where the transactional that you you get something out of them and they get a product or service out of you or do you want to do in a way this transformational and that definitely really resonated with me and how I want to run my business but also just go about my life.
That was really really beautiful.
Well said I just ripped it off from Drew most most good things are not.
Channel yeah, so we include a bunch of information around this interview and everything on our show notes and that's ontic podcast.
But but Colin water some Channels with which people could get in contact with you.
What are you yeah.
Yeah, we have a YouTube channel.
It's bja videos for blackjack apprenticeship.
Yeah, we put out weekly videos on YouTube and then you know, we have a Weekly Newsletter.
We put out through black that people can sign up for on on Blackjack oppressive.
We have a mini course, like I said, it's as much.
Changing someone's Paradigm as it is the nuts and bolts but definitely gets into the nuts and bolts of card counting and then the book is going to be wherever you buy books, but you can also find that at Blackjack apprenticeship.
Yeah, and then just again called.
Thanks for your time.
Thank you guys great conversation for me been very rewarding.
Well, thank you guys.
This is a lot of fun.
Colin mention the idea handful of times about expected returns and just going into decisions in codys blackjack gambler with the perspective or construct that all meaningful rewards take work and We've recently in our backyard have some strawberry bushes that have started flowering strawberries aren't ripe yet.
But Luke this web page two-year-old son.
He doesn't know that he recognizes them as strawberries and he eats them right off the vine.
Well before their red and I think that what it's a good metaphor for me of my takeaway from Collins comments today is just to be more thoughtful about.
That's that kind of makes me think about his comment around.
I think that's great place to end.
Well, thanks everybody for listening to this week's episode and don't forget to all your friends.
Like all good podcasts.
We have a website.
You should check it out.
You can rate and review the show on iTunes or anywhere else you listen to podcasts and if it's going to be less than 5 stars.
Shoot us an email with your ideas on how we can make the show better.
We'd also love to be your friend on social media and speaking of friends Curtis: If you heard something that inspired you this week or just made you laugh share this episode with one friend after all the world needs a little more light.
Have a great week and stay ticked.

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