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Chapters of Professional Blackjack include balanced blackjack strategy, using fractions and optimized blackjack betting. Wong Halves is a ...

Stanford Wong Biography
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Stanford Wong - A Blackjack Legend - Honest Betting Reviews
Stanford Wong was born in Georgia in 1943 and his real name is John Ferguson, but he is better known by his pen name.
He is most famous for his gambling book, published in 1975, called Professional Blackjack.
Early life His family moved around a great deal when he was young, but eventually settled down in Beaverton, Oregon.
As a young man his passion was solving puzzles; any puzzles would do.
As long as there was an algorithm to be devised, he was wong blackjack strategy />After graduating he became professor of mathematics at the university but blackjack online not blocked the role insufficiently challenging so in search of wong blackjack strategy and adventure he embarked on a military career which included tours in Vietnam.
Wong discovers Blackjack He returned to civilian life after two years, returning to his studies.
This time he enrolled at Stanford University for a PhD in Finance while also taking on teaching duties.
for perfect blackjack system simply were magic days at Stanford.
It had been discovered that Blackjack was a game that could be won consistently by playing an advantage game counting cards.
He was earning far more at blackjack than he was from his role as a professor, so he minimised his university duties taking a huge drop in salary in order to devote more time to gambling.
When Thorpe published his book on card counting, casinos typically used a single deck of cards.
This was easy to read, and accounted for the early success of several card counting teams.
But casinos were able to counter wong blackjack strategy in several ways.
To foil the card counters they began using multiple decks in a blackjack shoe.
They also stopped permitting players to double down on any two cads and hitting soft 17.
Realising that authoring a book that showed people how they could routinely win at blackjack would make him unpopular with casino owners everywhere, he chose to publish it under the pseudonym Stanford Wong.
It became a best seller, and is still a favourite amongst professional blackjack players.
He devised new counting techniques and mathematical analysis of each of these changes.
He could then enter the game and make consistently high bets with a considerable advantage over the casino.
This was called mid-shoe entry and, following the publication of his book, was adopted by many blackjack players.
The wong blackjack strategy runs to 70 to 80 pages and lists just about every blackjack table in every casino across the US.
Each table is analysed for the casino edge, the number of decks in a shoe, the cut, minimum and maximum stakes, and specific table rules.
Even individual dealers are sometimes commented on.
Their target was blackjack tournaments where they could make money quickly.
Their target extended further than blackjack too; craps, keno and handicapping tournaments were all fair game.
They were amazingly successful and gained the reputation as being the most successful legal gambling team in history.
Within two years they won eight major tournament prizes raking in almost half a million dollars.
He equates the necessary skills with those needed to hit a golf ball from a tee on the golf course.
He claims that at one time he was able to win using these techniques, but he has now lost his ability to do so.
A quiet retirement in publishing Currently he lives with his wife in La Jolla, California.
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Like many other blackjack greats, Wong was a very smart man who. called Current Blackjack News, which discussed the blackjack rules and ...

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Stanford Wong blackjack secrets
wong blackjack strategy

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Looking for books by Stanford Wong? See all books authored by Stanford Wong, including Professional Blackjack, and. Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker.

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Best Blackjack Strategy
Does blackjack card counting really work? Part 1

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You also already know the complete basic strategy by heart.. Every book by Wong is outstanding, but Professional Blackjack is his best. Wong ...

Wong Halves Card Counting System for Blackjack
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Blackjack Expert Explains How Card Counting Works

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Named after Stanford Wong, the Wonging style of play (back counting) requires. There is another method, enabling you to do so – an exit strategy, where you.

Stanford Wong - Professional Blackjack Player
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wong blackjack strategy

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A guide to the Blackjack card counting system called Wong Halves.. to do, counting cards provides a simpler way of utilizing a strategy when playing blackjack.

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Stanford Wong on "Wonging" in Blackjack - YouTube
Hello, readers of SuperCasinoSites!
My name is Dan Howard.
I am one of the co-writers at this website and a person with a vast experience in playing roulette online and offline.
I have helped review many of the web-based casinos and roulette variations you can read about at SuperCasinoSites, with a focus on please click for source you with accurate information that can help you in finding the best casino websites.
Blackjack claims the title of the single most popular casino card game in the world and rightfully so.
The great success it continually enjoys can be attributed to the and the relatively low edge it gives the house.
Yet, what many recreational players wong blackjack strategy to recognize is there are ways to not only reduce this edge further but also to eliminate it just click for source />There are numerous stories in the rich history of this enticing game, relating the exploits of skilled and dedicated players who have attacked the blackjack tables, and with great success.
The mention of the Czech blackjack team sends shivers down the spines of pit bosses the world over to this very day.
Read are blackjack car lift apologise, if you are interested to know more about the most common blackjack systems that can help you become a consistent winner.
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When joining a table with favorable rules and conditions, players using a strategy can rarely expect to fight a house edge that exceeds 0.
A person who fails to recognize the importance of strategies tends to make many mistakes when playing their hands, which cheat in blackjack results in a substantial reduction of their bankroll.
Now, compare this to a person who incorporates a strategy at the table and blackjack flash cement it religiously.
One such player will make the optimal decisions, bet more when they hold the advantage, and commit fewer errors during sessions.
Blackjack Strategies Additional BenefitsBlackjack is unique in that it is a casino game where there are constant swings in the advantage the house holds over players.
This is so because the game is based on dependent events and each card that leaves the shoe has a direct impact on the outcomes of the hands to follow.
By using even the simplest of strategies, which is rightfully called basic strategy, the player can reduce the already small edge this game has to around 0.
In contrast, relying on instinct and hunches will further boost the house advantage with 3% to 6%.
More advanced strategies, such as card counting, are known to obliterate the house edge, so much so that at a certain point, it is the card counter who holds the advantage over the casino.
This results in positive expected value, which is to say the player would win more often than they would lose in the long term and therefore, would generate far greater profits.
Basic Strategy In a conversation with more experienced blackjack players, you most certainly will hear them emphasize the.
It is proven to work as it is based on an extensive study, conducted in the early 1960s.
A computer specialist called Julian Braun conducted a simulation which involved around 9 billion combinations of hands against all possible face-up cards the dealer may show.
The simulation was indeed extensive as it was based on blackjack games involving one, four, six, and eight decks.
After analyzing wong blackjack strategy results, Braun changed the game of Twenty-One forever as his findings served as the foundation for the basic strategy chart.
The basic strategy chart enables players to decide when it is the best time to stand, hit, double down, split pairs or surrender if allowed.
SP SP SP SP SP S SP SP S S Basic Strategy Additional TipsThe basic strategy chart contains the right moves players can make when facing a neutral deck.
The columns contain the values of the cards the dealer may be showing.
The optimal way to play a blackjack hand is to be found in the squares where a row and a column intersect.
You will undoubtedly notice splits and doubling down are generally recommended when the dealer shows 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.
These values are more likely to lead to a bust if the dealer flips over a high hole card and draws to 17.
With 2s through 6s, the dealer is practically forced to hit after revealing their hole card because no two-card combination containing a 6 or less adds up to the total of 17, save for the soft 17.
This weakness should be exploited through splitting or doubling, which would also help players maximize their profits.
Players should approach the situation with more caution when the dealer shows higher-value cards like 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King or Ace.
If you want basic strategy to work to your best advantage, you need to memorize the chart to perfection, at least if you are playing in a landbased venue.
The simplest way to do that would be to divide it into four sections and learn one section per day before you finally string everything together.
However, if you intend to attack the game at an online casino, you can easily skip on this step and consult the chart as you play.
see more keep in mind that basic strategy is not universal and there may be deviations in the optimal decisions you need to make, depending on the rules of the blackjack game you engage in.
Card Counting Basic strategy can reduce the house edge to 0.
One such technique is card counting and it was perfected by Edward O.
Thorpe, professor of mathematics and a highly-skilled blackjack player.
Card counting relies on the idea that players can boost their profits by betting more when they hold the advantage and reducing their stakes when the edge swings to the dealer.
People who use card counting are not cheaters, but merely advantage players.
This technique may be frowned upon by pit bosses, but it is also perfectly legal.
More Aces and face cards remaining in the shoe are favorable to players because they may potentially result in naturals with higher payouts.
A higher number of small cards works to the benefit of the dealer and reduces their chances of going bust.
This approach is applicable to blackjack because the cards that are dealt on previous hands affect the composition of the cards remaining in the shoe or deck.
Therefore, advantage players would base their decisions on the cards that are yet to be dealt.
This would reduce their losses on unfavorable counts and enable them to increase their wagers when they are at an advantage.
Card Counting Systems have emerged over the last few decades, each one offering a different level of challenge and complexity to players.
These can be grouped into two categories — balanced and unbalanced.
Balanced counting systems require the player to convert a running count RC into a true count TC.
The counters would then divide their running count by the number of remaining decks to obtain a true count and base their decisions on that result.
Card Counting Systems Additional TipsRookie counters would probably be surprised to learn that the said true count is not really a count at all.
It denotes the correlation between two quantities — high vs.
Also, balanced systems derive their name from the fact that when a full deck is counted in its entirety, the result will always amount to zero.
Unbalanced systems have emerged more recently and are considered simpler since they eliminate the conversion of running into true count.
The Hi-Lo System balanced counting system applicable to the game of blackjack.
It was developed and introduced by Harvey Dubner back in 1963.
The beauty of the Hi-Lo lies in the fact that it is both simple and extremely effective — many recreational players and professionals have used it with great success.
Hi-Lo Card Counting System Card Value Count 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 count +1 7, 8, 9 count 0 10, J, Q, K, A count -1 The Hi-Lo System Additional TipsSince this is a balanced system, the players start with a running count of zero following the shuffle.
All cards are assigned a specific point value depending on their strength.
Therefore, all the low cards 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are given the point value of +1 while face cards and Aces are assigned the value of -1.
The 7s, 8s and 9s are considered neutral and are assigned no point value — they do not affect the count at all.
Since there are 20 high and 20 low cards in each deck, the counter always arrives at a running count of zero.
Advantage players would start by keeping a running count after the shuffle, adding and subtracting the point values of cards as they are leaving the deck.
In shoe games, the counter click at this page divide their running count by the number of decks that remain to be dealt to establish their true count.
All decisions on hitting, standing, splitting and so on are henceforth based on the true count.
The bet size is also adjusted on the basis of this.
Advantage players would use bet ramps and increase or reduce their bets with a specific number wong blackjack strategy units as the true count escalates or drops down.
The Red Seven System is also widely used by advantage players with a good deal of success.
This card counting system was first introduced by Arnold Snyder and its greatest merit lies in its simplicity, especially in comparison to the Hi-Lo.
The Red Seven Card Counting System Card Value Count 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 count +1 7 red count +1 7 black count 0 10, J, Q, K, A count -1 The Red Seven System Additional TipsThis system assigns almost the same point values to the cards in the deck — face cards and Aces are counted as -1, low cards 2 through 6 are given the value of +1, and 9s and 8s are neutral or 0.
There is one peculiarity here as 7s are assigned point values on the basis of their color.
Thus, red 7s of diamonds and hearts are counted as low cards or +1 while black 7s of clubs and spades are ignored as neutral or 0.
The overall principle is the same as that in the Hi-Lo, save for the point values of the red 7s.
This causes an imbalance in the system so when a player uses it, they here arrive at a total count of +2 per full deck.
Therefore, the running count after the shuffle starts at -2 multiplied by the number read more decks in play.
If you are playing a six-deck game, you would start with a count of -12, but if you are playing an eight-deck game, your count starts at -8.
Players using this system are also recommended to jump to higher bets whenever the count is positive or revolves around 0 because they will have a greater advantage.
The KO System The KO abbreviated from Knock-Out is another unbalanced counting system that is widely used by advantage blackjack players.
The KO was first introduced in the more info Knockout Blackjack, written by Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs, and is considered one of the simplest card counting systems to ever be devised.
The KO Card Counting System Card Value Count 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 count +1 8, 9 count 0 10, J, Q, K, A count -1 The KO System Additional Probability and statistics blackjack the system first gained popularity, many blackjack experts questioned its efficiency and labeled it less accurate than the widespread Hi-Lo.
However, the KO quickly gained momentum and wong blackjack strategy it is recommended to beginners as a simple, yet effective card counting system.
The biggest claim to fame of the KO is that it eliminates the need of converting running counts into true counts.
In this system, low cards 2 through 7 are assigned a point value of +1, the ten-value cards along with the Aces are counted as -1, and 8 and 9 are neutral or 0.
The complete count of a deck or a shoe will result in +4 instead of 0 because the cards with a positive point value outnumber those with a negative point value.
The players assign these values to each card dealt out of the shoe to determine their running count and then raise or go here their bets accordingly.
The players would then increase their bet size on high running counts and reduce it to the table minimum when the count drops below +2.
Another recommendation for those using this system is to accept insurance at a running count of +3 or above.
Many advanced blackjack players, who have adopted the KO, prefer to convert their running count into a true count to gain extra accuracy although this significantly increases the complexity of the system.
KISS III Card Counting System Card Value Count 3, 4, 5, 6, https://pink-stuf.com/blackjack/cosmopolitan-blackjack-comps.html count +1 2 black count +1 2 red click at this page 0 8, 9 count 0 10, J, Q, K, A count -1 The KISS Systems Additional TipsKISS I offers the lowest level of complexity and is considered a good option for beginner card counters and recreational players, mostly because it ignores nearly half of the cards in the deck.
Note that the simpler a given system is to learn and implement, the less efficient it becomes.
In KISS I, face cards are counted as -1, the 4s, 5s and 6s are given a point value of +1, and the remaining cards are all ignored as neutral.
There is a twist though as the 2s of clubs and spades are also assigned a positive point value of +1.
This modification renders the KISS I unbalanced and eliminates the need of converting running counts into true counts.
This significantly decreases the efficiency of this entry-level system.
As Renzey himself has determined, KISS I will give players a 0.
Once players have learned KISS I, they can move one step up the three-level ladder and master the Blackjack splitsen II system, which offers a higher degree of efficiency.
It is quite similar to KISS I but the difference here is that there are two more cards players need to keep track of as the 3s are counted as +1 and the 10s are assigned point values of -1.
After the shuffle, players who use this system start on a negative running count instead of 0.
This is to ensure the shoe or deck are favorable as soon as the running count turns positive.
Many expert blackjack players believe the second level of KISS is more efficient when used on single-deck games.
KISS III has the highest level of complexity as more cards are added for players to keep track of.
Thus, the 7s are given a point value of +1 and the Aces are counted as -1 while the point values of all other cards coincide with those in KISS II.
The third level of KISS is deemed more suitable for blackjack games involving a shoe with multiple decks.
One of the biggest positives of using KISS III is that it offers a higher betting correlation at 0.
Note that this is a more advanced system which also translates into higher efficiency.
This, of course, leads to a higher complexity as the Omega II falls into the category of Level 2 counting systems.
While in systems like the Hi-Lo and the KO the cards are assigned values of 0, +1 and -1 only, Level 2 systems also incorporate values of +2 and -2.
The Omega II Card Counting System Card Value Count 4, 5, 6 count +2 2, 3, 7 count +1 8, A count 0 9 count -1 10, J, Q, K count -2 The Omega II System Additional TipsCards 2, 3 and 7 are counted as +1, cards 4, 5 and 6 just click for source counted as +2, the ten-value cards are assigned a negative point value of -2, the 9s are -1 while the Aces and the 8s are neutral or 0.
Therefore, players would deduct or add one or two points from their running count for each card dealt at the table.
Then they would divide the running count by the number of decks left to be played to arrive at their true count.
The Omega II requires more time to master but at the same time, the efforts are well worth it as it is considered the most accurate card counting system in existence.
The Hi-Opt Systems This group consists of two systems, Hi-Opt I and Hi-Opt II, which offer different levels of complexity.
The interesting thing about Hi-Opt I is that it was developed by sportswriter Charles Einstein in 1968 while the majority of the other systems we have covered so far were created by people with extensive knowledge https://pink-stuf.com/blackjack/card-counting-electronic-blackjack.html mathematics.
Hi-Opt I Card Counting System Card Value Count 3, 4, 5, 6 count +1 2, 7, 8, 9, A count 0 10, J, Q, K count -1 Hi-Opt Learn more here Card Counting System Card Value Count 4, 5 count +2 2, 3, 6, 7 count +1 8, 9, A count 0 10, J, Q, K count -2 The Hi-Opt Systems Additional TipsThe Hi-Opt I is a Level I balanced system and was widely used at single-deck tables.
Those who use the Hi-Opt I assign a point value of +1 to cards 3 through 6 and count face cards as -1 while the 2s, 7s, 8s, 9s and the Aces are given a neutral value of 0.
This system is highly praised for its accuracy at predicting when players need to accept insurance as its insurance correlation is quite high at 0.
Players start at a running count of 0 and later convert it into a true count to modify their bet sizes.
Hi-Opt I laid the foundation for the more advanced Hi-Opt II, which was developed in 1970 by professional blackjack experts Lance Humble and Julian Braun.
The Hi-Opt II is also balanced but falls into the category of Level 2 counting systems.
As this significantly raises the level of complexity of this system, both its betting and insurance correlation are higher than these of Hi-Opt I.
Those who follow the Hi-Opt II system are expected to count the 2s, 3s, 6s and 7s as +1.
The 4s and the 5s are counted as +2.
All wong blackjack strategy cards along with the 10s are assigned a negative point value of -2 while the Aces, 8s and 9s are not counted at all because they are neutral.
Even though the Hi-Opt II has been created with single-deck play in mind, the system is highly effective when used in shoe games as well.
Many proficient players prefer to incorporate side counts when using this system at the blackjack tables to further boost its accuracy.
The Zen Count System The Zen Count system is a more complex balanced system which was popularized back in 1983 by blackjack expert Arnold Snyder in his book Blackbelt in Blackjack.
The Zen Count often poses as a challenge to less experienced card counters due to the fact it belongs to the Level 2 category of systems.
The Zen Count Card Counting System Card Value Count 4, 5, 6 count +2 2, 3, 7 count +1 8, 9 count 0 A count -1 10, J, Q, K count -2 The Zen Count System Additional TipsIn the Zen Count system, cards with face value of 2, 3, and 7 are counted as +1, the 4s, 5s and 6s are given point value of +2, and the ten-value click at this page are counted as -2.
Each time an Ace leaves the shoe or deck the player would subtract -1 from their running count.
The 8s and 9s are ignored altogether.
The great thing about this system is that it works quite well on both single-deck and shoe blackjack games.
To a certain extent, the Wong blackjack strategy Count is similar to the commonly used Hi-Lo counting system.
However, the Zen offers players higher insurance correlation at 0.
The strongest point of this system results from the fact Aces are assigned a negative value of -1.
As we know, tracking the Aces as they leave the shoe allows skilled players to further improve their advantage.
The Zen Count reduces the amount of efforts for such players because they no longer need to track the Aces on the side.
The Wong Halves System The Wong Halves system borrows its name from mathematician and blackjack expert John Ferguson, who first introduced it in his best-selling book Professional Blackjack under the pen name Stanford Wong.
This balanced card counting wong blackjack strategy is highly praised by blackjack pros for its impressive accuracy and efficiency.
But before you give it a try, beware — the Wong Halves is rather difficult to master, which can partially be explained with its being a Level 3 system.
Wong Halves Card Counting System Card Value Count 5 count +1.
Therefore, one should be proficient in dividing decimals without breaking concentration under pressure or when exposed to the distractions of the casino.
In Wong Halves, the player adds +1 each time 3s, 4s or 6s leave the shoe and subtracts -1 from the running count when ten-value cards and Aces are dealt.
The 8s are neutral and as such, are irrelevant to the running count.
Here comes the tricky part, though.
The 2s and 7s are assigned a decimal value of +0.
But this is not all — the 5s are assigned the highest positive value of +1.
Would you be surprised to learn that this system comes with a betting correlation of 0.
It certainly makes sense given its complexity but this system is slowly falling into disuse because it is way too difficult to apply at blackjack tables.
That is why beginners should keep away from the Wong Halves — even experienced card counters prefer to use simpler systems which offer an almost identical level of accuracy.
This applies in full force to the game of Twenty-One as no card counting system or strategy can possibly do anything for you, if you are unable to.
Mind that this has nothing to do with affecting the odds or reducing the edge the house holds against you.
When it comes to blackjack, there are several aspects of money management you need to consider prior to attacking the tables.
Money management all starts with setting up a bankroll to play with.
A sufficient bankroll is one of the biggest weapons a blackjack player holds against the casino, combined with a proper understanding of the game, of course.
The bankroll should consist of money you can afford to spare and must not include funds you need to pay your rent or bills.
If you cannot afford to spare the necessary amount right away, stay put until you build up a bankroll.
This has to do with the limits of the table you intend to attack.
As a general rule, players are recommended to set aside at least 50 times their table minimum.
This is to prevent you from losing way too much money at a single table.
This ratio of session bankroll and table minimum is considered sufficient to get you through the swings you will experience.
That being said, the more money you take with you, the more staying power you will have at the table.
Next comes the question how much should a blackjack player bet.
Card counters adjust the number of betting units they bet per hand on the basis of their true count.
High true counts validate betting more betting units.
A basic strategy player, however, is playing against a neutral deck.
Those who play recreationally are recommended to apply the Up and Pull method.
The player begins by betting two units or two times the table minimum.
If they win, they drop to one unit blackjack training kit the next bet.
This way, even if you do lose on the next hand, you will still be a unit ahead.
Each winning hand is followed by a bet increase of one unit.
Whenever a loss occurs, the player should start the cycle again with a two-unit bet.
This method is efficient because it enables players to make the most out of their winning streaks and reduces their losses to the minimum.
Finally, it is an absolute must to set up a win goal and a loss limit for the session as these will serve as indicators as to when you should get up and leave the table.
Similarly, you need to decide on a loss limit which corresponds to the maximum amount you are willing to sacrifice to the house.
In conclusion, being a successful blackjack player is a combination of two things — smart money management and sufficient knowledge of the game.
One cannot go without the other.
Even the biggest bankroll will be unable to save you if do not understand the specifics of this fascinating game.
We ourselves are not casino operators, do not offer any real-money games on our website, and cannot be held liable for the financial risks readers take when participating in real-money gambling activities.
Visitors of SuperCasinoSites should keep in mind gambling can be highly addictive and as such, should always be approached responsibly and with due measure.
If you or someone you know struggles with gambling addiction, we recommend you contact the free gambling helplines like those operated by organizations like.
Before you register and play at any of the casinos we review and recommend, do check the legal and regulatory frameworks pertaining to real-money online gambling in your country to ensure you are not acting in violation with its laws.

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Stanford Wong has book on tournaments.. Seach the web for "blackjack tournament strategy" and you will find plenty of advice, such as ...

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Best Blackjack Strategy
The Most Popular Card Counting Strategy The first card counting system many people are introduced to is the Hi-Lo count.
This system has the advantages of being both easy to use and accurate.
While you will have to be completely familiar with basic strategy first, you can learn the Hi-Lo count very quickly and be ready to use it after only a wong blackjack strategy hours practice.
As the Hi-Lo count is often seen as an entry point into card counting it has been written about by every leading blackjack author.
Here you can find out how to go about using the Hi-Lo count, followed by why it works and what limitations this method has.
Hi-Lo Count — How to Use the Hi-Lo Count When you approach a new table or the shoe has been freshly shuffled you start with a running count of 0 in your head.
For each card you see after that, whether it is dealt to yourself, another player or the dealer, you either add 1 to this running count, subtract 1 or make no change.
It is when the count is highest that the remaining deck is more favorable to you and when the count is at its lowest the house benefits.
For the most part your playing decisions should follow basic strategy, so in order to get an edge and increase your profits when the count is favorable, you will need to adjust your bets.
When wong blackjack strategy true count is at 1 or lower you should be betting the minimum then increase it wong blackjack strategy the count gets to 2.
You can then slowly continue betting bigger as the true count goes up before returning to your original bet size when the count is back to 1 or please click for source />As you become confident using this system you can, based on your true count, take different playing decisions than those described in basic strategy one.
Actions which would previous be losing decisions become profitable with the added information about the remaining cards, for example taking insurance become a good bet with a true count of +3.
Hi-Lo Count — Why the Hi-Lo Count Works While this web page house edge is constant in the long run, providing you play perfect basic strategy, for individual hands this edge can change rapidly and can go in the players favor.
As your count goes up there is a larger number of 10-value cards and aces left in the shoe, which means the player has a greater advantage in the upcoming hands.
Meanwhile 10-value cards can also including blackjack, and basic strategy is wong blackjack strategy correct with a greater number of 10s in the deck, as it assumes the next card drawn will always be a 10.
If you bet according to your true count you will be wagering more when the odds are in your favor and less when they are against you.
Hi-Lo Count — The Limitations of the Hi- Lo Count As the Hi-Lo count is the most commonly used method it is also the one which the casino employees are watching out for the most.
While it is unlikely the dealer will be counting himself, read article swings in betting patterns can cause the floor staff and security cameras to pay closer attention to what is happening.
So while you can exploit your edge more by betting higher you will have to exercise restraint in order not to be caught out.
In order to use this system effectively you will probably need to practice away from the tables to correctly convert your running count into a true count.
Many players fall down when it comes to carrying out this calculation, a mistake costs them significantly.
If you are struggling to do this then you may want to explore similar systems like the KO Count, which does not require a true count.
Finally like any card counting system the Hi-Lo count will not work on tables with continuous shufflers or online, where the cards are effectively shuffled before each hand.
You wong blackjack strategy also want to avoid dealers who are shuffling the shoe often, meaning you will not be able to maintain an accurate count.

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Either way, the main goal of the card counter is to bet more when the count is high. This coincides with the counter's secondary goal of betting less when the count is low. By ranging their bets in this way, users of the Wong Halves Count put more money into action when they have an edge over the casino.

Stanford Wong Biography
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Hi-Lo Card Counting System - Blackjack Betting Strategy
Illustrious: 1 clear, conspicuous, distinguished 2 famous, eminent, outstanding.
For games wong blackjack strategy no strategic decisions are made after the cards are dealt like baccarat and side betsthe main purpose of the true count is to decide whether a wager should be placed.
If the true count exceeds the trigger count, the AP makes the wager; otherwise he sits on his hands.
A secondary purpose for the underfunded AP is to use the true count to help him determine the size of his wager.
Blackjack Switch, Spanish 21the true count also serves a strategic purpose: the AP has mid-hand decisions to make stand, hit, double, split, surrender that vary based on the true count.
If the AP decides he wants to play a shoe game or double-deck rather than single-deck, there are more indices to learn.
This amount of memorization, let alone gaining the skills wong blackjack strategy to use it in practice, is daunting.
However, there are two approaches an AP can take to reduce the task to a subset of these indices.
Method 1: One way to reduce the memorization task is to create artificial boundaries.
For example, the counter may learn every index between -5 and +10.
Indices below -5 have very little practical value.
Method 2: Another way link limit the amount of memorization is to understand that there is a natural ordering of the indices by the monetary value of each.
Some are more important to learn than others.
In this approach, the card counter should start with the most valuable index which happens to be the ubiquitous side bet known as "Insurance" and continue down the list, learning as many as he can.
Such a complete list has never been published as far as I know.
I used method 1 in my studies.
I placed these indices on flash cards and practiced often, adding more indices whenever I was ready.
I used to cycle through these flash cards several times while driving from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas distracted driving before the era of text messages as a last-minute refresher.
I would also practice them overnight in my hotel room.
Method 2 requires a non-trivial research project in order to rank the profitability of the indices and strategy variations.
Pay attention: what follows is important!
Learn the plays in the chart and forget about the rest.
Donald Schlesinger was well on his way towards creating a vital body of research when he published the Illustrious 18.
A complete list would have allowed each individual to measure what he wanted for his unique circumstance.
Any time a counter wanted more, it would be readily available.
Rather than saying " trust me," Schlesinger www free poker com have said, " I trust you.
Although I was not a professional AP, I took card counting seriously.
To me, mastering index plays was part of beating the game.
As an academic, I cannot see why anyone would want less knowledge when they can have more.
Giving up knowledge is giving up opportunity and seems antithetical to what being an AP is all about.
In Beyond Counting, Exhibit CAA, James Grosjean refers to the Illustrious 18 as the "Hobbyist's 18.
I am not primarily a counter, and even I know way more indices than that.
By encouraging card counters to play a weaker game, he inadvertently has helped keep profits on the casino's side of the table.
source understood this, and could hardly constrain his disbelief, when he wrote Beyond Counting, Exhibit CAA, page 387 : ".
Let's try to improve our perspective.
In grade school, if you scored 100 on a quiz, your parents were satisfied.
What if you came home and told them you got a 90, or a 75?
In my high school, 75 was nearly a failing grade, and 90 was only a B.
Some of us probably would have run away from home before showing our parents a quiz score of 85.
I teach the Illustrious 18 in my seminars and trainings.
Those involved with casino game protection around the world are taught to look for these specific strategy deviations.
Surveillance needs only correlate bet size with the Illustrious 18 to decide whether to further evaluate a player.
It follows that the Illustrious 18 limits the profitability of card counters while being sufficient information for surveillance.
In other words, the Illustrious 18 serves its greatest possible good as a tool for game protection.
My complaint here is not with the Illustrious 18, it is excellent work.
Nor am I trying to help would-be card counters improve their game.
The problem I have with the Illustrious 18 is its secondary message: it is " trust me" anti-intellectual.
While there may be practical limitations for any given individual to learn a substantial quantity of information not everyone has a great memorysuch limitations are not acceptable as an educational strategy.
Students should always be offered more than they can readily wong blackjack strategy />In every aspect of life, we should always be reaching wong blackjack strategy everything we can get.
Everyone who teaches click here along the way should be helping us become something more, not something less.
Whether you are an AP, in game protection, or do something else in your professional life, learn more.
Pick up a hobby and learn more about that too.
Learn more about something today.
Learn more every chance you get.
The following is an excerpt from a response by Don Schlesinger 03.
Schlesinger's response appeared in on WizardOfVegas.
Just one man's opinion: Eliot's article is next-to-useless.
It illustrates and "proves" absolutely nothing.
And, if it was an attempt to discredit the I18, it fails miserably, as did Grosjean in the abject nonsense he wrote in Exhibit CAA.
If you want to know their motives for writing such drivel, you'll have to ask them.
I might speculate that petty jealousy and a fierce desire to discredit another man's work are the main driving forces, but I'm not going to waste any more of my time or yours on the topic.
And, What I bitterly resent is: a anyone who purposely or maliciously distorts those facts, either for his own aggrandizement, or to attack me; or b anyone who accuses me of suggesting that any player should or shouldn't use any particular set of indices.
His productalong with several other blackjack simulators, is the main software used by advantage players to research blackjack card counting.
Norm hosts the website.
One of the recent threads on his site see mentions this post.
Norm offered great insight into the problem of generating additional indices in order of importance https://pink-stuf.com/blackjack/al-kaufman-blackjack-system.html he wrote: I have a problem with the article.
We all know, now, that there are certain indices that are more important and their gain is dramatically more important than the remaining indices, particularly as decks increase.
The suggestion that the study wasn't complete bothers me.
Fact is, once you get past the first 24, the next indices become more and more difficult to determine, and more and more dependent on the rules, decks, strategy, etc.
I spent some time years back looking at a method of going beyond 18 given a particular set of circumstances.
My conclusion was that it was a pointless exercise and that you should go with your gut and comfort level should you wish to expand your list.
Determining the Ill18 in 1986 was an enormous amount of work.
When you get much past that, it's very difficult even today given the variations in circumstances.
The difference between Norm Wattenberger's response and that of Don Schlesinger given above should be noted.
Vitriolic attacks and name calling do little to further intellectual debate.
From my side, I find Wattenberger's comments to be extraordinarily illuminating.
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He is known for his famous books and computer software for analyzing the mathematics of the game and studying probability odds. Wong has also participated ...

Stanford Wong - A Blackjack Legend - Honest Betting Reviews
Valid for casinos
The Not-So-Illustrious 18
US Players and Credit Card Deposits Accepted!
Stanford Wong - Professional Blackjack Stanford Wong is a long time expert and player of blackjack.
He is known for his famous books and computer software for analyzing the mathematics of the game and studying probability odds.
Wong has also participated in blackjack tournaments on live television and has been shown on other TV shows giving expert advice as blackjack dealers cards face up />There is one pony fallout for sure, this man is extremely intelligent when it comes to statistics and mathematics.
He is so good at this game that he was inducted into the prestigious Blackjack Hall of Fame.
Early history and Stanford University Stanford was born in 1943 in the midst of World War II, but this was not always his name.
His original name used to be John Ferguson at the time of his birth.
The first games that he played was tic tac toe at the age of 6 years.
Unlike most of the other kids of his age, he spent time strategizing this game to find the best possible moves to make.
This all paid off at the end since he never lost a game of tic tac toe, which is an impressive feat for a person of any age.
When he grew older, be began building an interest in blackjack and card counting.
He was only 12 years old when he began practicing how to count cards and begin studying the books and using a calculator to find percentages and expectations for certain moves.
Wong still had to wait until he was 21 before trying out his skills at the casino.
Interestingly enough, in some states, people can go to the casino and gamble wong blackjack strategy the age of 18 as long as they don't drink alcohol.
Since you have to be 21 years old to drink, this is pretty much the only reason minors under 21 are not allowed into the casino unless there is a specific state law.
Upper Michigan for example allows 18 year olds to wong blackjack strategy and play blackjack but they are banned from the bars and drinking.
Once Stanford Wong John Ferguson was of age, he officially became a professional gambler in 1964 and was earning an undergraduate degree at the wong blackjack strategy from Stanford University at the same time.
In later years, he was studying to earn his PhD in Statistics from the University as well.
It was around this time when he decided to change his name because of a nickname that one of his friends gave him.
He replaced his first name "John" with "Stanford", which was the name of his University.
Then he changed his last name "Ferguson" with "Wong", which is a common last name for an Asian.
This was chosen as a way to capture in some sense the "mystique of the Orient".
Believe it or not, when one hears the name "Stanford Wong", they usually think of a scholarly Asian guy.
In fact, Stanford Wong is actually a normal looking white guy as shown in the photo above!
Maybe this was what they meant by capturing the essence of the Orient?
Wong's card counting history - single deck to four wong blackjack strategy Wong eventually earned his degree and became a member of the faculty and furthered his skills in blackjack.
He would play in Las Vegas, Nevada where they hadwhich actually gives a card counter the best odds.
The problem later on was casinos started cracking down on card counters and trying to reduce the edge that they could make so they started to use four decks wong blackjack strategy cards in a shoe instead.
The calculations he did for a single deck were not the same for a quadruple deck so he had to do some more recalculations and come up with a new formula with complicated statistics.
This was necessary to continue to find remarkable, blackjack doubling opinion good edge against the house.
Later on, he began working with computers and developed programs and formulas to find probability percentages and a strategy for the new four deck games that were now being phased into the casinos.
He published a book in 1975 called "Professional Blackjack", which was the first of many other books he would eventually write.
This first book was very successful and he earned a great reputation.
In fact, many experts have sometimes called this book "the bible of blackjack" because of how good it really was.
The Stanford "Orient" as an author of "Professional Blackjack" Wong actually wrote at least 15 other books about topics ranging from video poker, craps, Pai Gow poker and books about gambling in general.
Some of his blackjack related books were "Winning Without Counting" in 1980, "Basic Blackjack" in 1992 and "Blackjack Secrets" in 1993.
Some of his other related books were "Tournament Blackjack" and "Vegas Downtown Blackjack".
He also owns the publishing house that goes by the name "Pi Yee Press", which again seems to have essence of the Orient in the name.
Stan is also known for developing a famous but complicated card counting system called thewhich he described in his book as well.
This still is not all, Standford Wong also has his very own personal website at.
This website is actually one of the most popular blackjack sites online.
Another internet site that is not related to blackjack is atwhich is his very own sports betting gambling site.
It may come as a surprise though that Wong actually does not play blackjack professionally anymore.
Apparently he no longer needs the money and has mastered the game so well that there are no longer motivating factors as there once was when he was younger and the game provided a good challenge for him.
Finally, he is one of the original seven inaugural members inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame in nj online blackjack reviews uk, which is pretty much the largest achievement in blackjack history.
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If you're an anal-retentive type and want to learn hyper-specific strategies we recommend Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong. We've run the numbers and ...

Stanford Wong, the Mark Twain of Professional Blackjack
Valid for casinos
Black Jack Tournament strategy - Blackjack - Gambling - Page 1 - Forums - Wizard of Vegas
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